About Me

12346591_10153223929700814_428604097841342329_nJournalism is not in need of reinvention, it’s in need of innovation – and that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

I earned two degrees from the University of King’s College’s journalism department. I currently hold a combined bachelor of honours in journalism and sociology along with a masters of journalism in new media ventures.

My passion for reporting does not only imply that I am an extremely curious and analytical individual, but also that I am entirely devoted to improving current methods of mass communications with the public.

I believe methods of delivering content are just as important as the content itself and feel it is my role as a multimedia journalist to keep on top of new technologies, upcoming media initiatives and innovative business plans.

While my undergraduate degree taught me the basics of journalism, my graduate studies have allowed me to open my eyes to the innovative world of mobile journalism, understanding business models and what news outlets need to sustain themselves.

A news outlet needs you – readers – to stay afloat. It is therefore with you in mind that I create my content.

Feel free to get in touch with me at mick.j.cote@gmail.com.